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Thursday, October 6th, 2022  

Aug 24, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Originally self-released through Alice Coltrane’s publishing company The Avatar Institute in 1982 on cassette only and then only unofficially reissued in Germany during the last 10 years, this is the first official reissue of this beautiful and unique album. More


Slight Return

Baja Dracula

Aug 23, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Canandaigua is the one-man project of Washington D.C.’s Raul Zahir De Leon. He’s a veteran of the tightly knit D.C. music scene, but Slight Return nonetheless feels every bit the discovery of a new voice.  More

Angel Olsen



Aug 20, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Throughout the pandemic, songwriter Angel Olsen found solace in the seemingly strangest of places: the supermarket. By hearing classic hits of decades past over the loudspeakers, Olsen tapped into a new type of sound—straying away from somber melodies woven into past albums (notably, 2016’s My Woman and 2019’s All Mirrors). More

Aug 20, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

It’s true that Infinite Granite, the fifth album from San Francisco’s Deafheaven, marks a sharp sonic left-turn for the band, but this has been on the cards for a while.  More

Aug 20, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Alice Johnson of Swim School has described the recent COVID restrictions and subsequent lockdowns as an opportunity for the band to develop their sound. Their debut EP, making sense of it all, showcases just how well spent that time has been.  More

Aug 19, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Ora the Molecule, the left-field synthwave moniker of Nora Schjelderup, crafts living worlds in her music. On her debut record, Human Safari, her songs pulse, ripple, and shift, tracing circles around Schjelderup’s elegant melodies and spoken word vocals. There’s a conscious magic to these worlds, with Schjelderup crafting songs that are at turns haunting and at others joyous. More



Sacred Bones/Invada

Aug 18, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Annika Henderson, better known to fans under the moniker Anika, has returned 11 years after her self-titled debut with her second solo studio album ChangeMore

Aug 17, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

If their debut album Brickbat was driven by a rediscovery of the joy of creating music again, then Piroshkas’s second album, Love Drips and Gathers, is a much more wistful reflective affair.  More



Tiptoe Tiger

Aug 16, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

The duo of Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz have been recording as Mandolin Orange for the past decade. In the months leading up to their latest album release, they also unveiled the news that they would be changing their name to WatchhouseMore