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Thursday, October 6th, 2022  
The Strokes – Reflecting on the 20th Anniversary of “Is This It”

Jul 30, 2021 By Austin Saalman Web Exclusive

Once in a blue moon, there arrives a debut album so charismatic, so controversial, so funny, and so alarmingly human that its harbingers are immediately set apart from their peers, ascending to a higher echelon reserved only for those few who manage to knock the ball straight out of the park on their first swing. 
Radiohead – Looking Back on “Amnesiac” 20 Years Later

Jun 25, 2021 By Austin Saalman

After setting the standard for millennial music in October 2000 with the release of their seminal fourth album Kid A, critical and commercial expectations for Radiohead were high.
Radiohead  – Reflecting on the 20th Anniversary of “Amnesiac”

Jun 11, 2021 By Matthew Berlyant

Twenty years ago, Radiohead released Amnesiac, their fifth studio album overall and their second full-length album release in less than a year at that point. 
X – Reflecting on the 40th Anniversary of “Wild Gift”

May 31, 2021 By Matthew Berlyant

It’s hard to believe that X’s second album Wild Gift is 40 this year. It jumps out of the speakers, immediately grabbing the listener’s attention, and still sounds like it was recorded just the other day. 
Elvis Costello – Reflecting on the 30th Anniversary of “Mighty Like a Rose”

May 14, 2021 By Matthew Berlyant

Thirty years ago today, Elvis Costello released Mighty Like a Rose, his 13th studio album overall and his second for Warner Bros. following the successful 1989 album Spike, which produced “Veronica,” to date his only U.S. Top 20 hit.
Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Reflecting on the 25th Anniversary of “All This Useless Beauty”

May 14, 2021 By Matthew Berlyant

On the 25th anniversary of the last album that Elvis Costello has recorded to date with his legendary backing group The Attractions, it’s worth going back to look at how it’s aged. The answer, as is the case with most of his records, is very good and perhaps better than expected.
Ranked: 2021 Oscar Nominated Live Action Short Films

Apr 25, 2021 By Austin Trunick

This year's live action Oscar-nominated short films, ranked.
Ranked: 2021 Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films

Apr 25, 2021 By Austin Trunick

​The 93rd Annual Academy Awards ceremony happen tonight, April 25th. As in years past, we’ve taken a look at this year’s short film competitions. The Academy defines a short film as an original motion picture running 40 minutes or less, and excludes all advertisements, unaired or unsold television episodes, or credit sequences from feature-length films. Our critic, Shawn Hazelett, watched and ranked all of this year’s Oscar-nominated shorts. Here are his picks for this year’s animated category.
Ranked: 2021 Oscar Nominated Documentary Short Films

Apr 25, 2021 By Austin Trunick

The Oscar-nominated Documentary Shorts of 2021: Ranked.